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Sneaking Detection Recalibrated

Version Change Log

pg updated: 2015-09-12

For the sake of brevity, except for the most recent list of changes, all beta and unreleased versions are excluded, and their changes folded into the following official release. For any series before 8, all changes for the entire series have been rolled up into one summary.

Series 8


Released September 12, 2015

SDR.esm changes
SDR_Oblivion.esp changes
Player's Handbook changes


Released March 12, 2015

SDR.esm changes
sdr.dll changes
Player's Handbook changes


Released March 9, 2015

NOTE: A clean uninstall/save/install approach *might* be a very good idea on this one, but you can see what happens by just installing over the old one first, especially if you have any of SDR's custom spells or potions.

SDR.esm changes
sdr.dll changes
.ini file changes


Released February 26, 2015

SDR.esm changes

The following issues were caused because I was a moron and didn't notice that I spelled "Oblivion XP" as "Oblivon XP" when trying to detect the mod.


Released February 25, 2015

SDR.esm changes

Fixed the textures for the Detect Life Shader effects for the following DL Shaders:
1. Default Oblivion Shader
12. Bg208's Shader
13. Migck's Blue Shader


Released February 20, 2015

SDR.esm changes


Released February 19, 2015

Version numbering system change

As of this release, the additional periods and the "b" have been dropped from the version. This makes installing SDR compatible with Oblivion Mod Manager's system when using Wrye Bash's omod conversion data, which is limited to a single ".". In addition, dropping the "b" will hopefully eliminate confusion as folks thought it represented "beta" rather than "build".

The revised nomenclature is: = S.IRB = Series.Iteration Revision Build

This change only impacts how the version is displayed, and won't impact any internal systems or 3rd party version checking which drops all periods and letters (e.g.8230).

SDR.esm changes
sdr.dll changes
Player's Handbook
Modder's Resource Manual
Installer Package
Website Updates

8.2.2 build 4

Released February 02, 2015

SDR.esm changes

8.2.2 build 3

Released February 02, 2015

SDR.esm changes

8.2.2 build 2

Released January 28, 2015

SDR.esm changes

8.2.2 build 0

Released January 27, 2015

If updating from any version prior to 8.2.2 b0, a "Clean Save Install" is REQUIRED. See Installation Instructions for details.

Following is a list of all the changes made since the last official series 7 release (7.3.1). All changes made during the series 8 Alpha and Beta development testing phases are folded in. Features that were added and then subsequently removed during that period are not included since they are irrelevant.

File Structure Changes
Documentation changes
Programming changes
sdr.dll OBSE plug-in (v2.20)
Detection rule/formula changes
Spell/Magic changes
Player Audio/Visual changes
Movement changes
"On Death" changes
Transparency changes
Sneak Perk changes
Sneak Skillup changes
Assassination Skillup changes
SM Combat Hide for SDR changes
AV Uncapper / Elys Uncapper Compatibility
Debug option changes
RenGuardOverhaul_PatchForSDR.esp (v2.8)
Installation Package

Series 7

First version release: 7.0.0 - June 23, 2013
Last version release: 7.3.1 - January 30, 2014

This series focused on bug fixes and simplifying user customization and support documentation, along with a few minor tweaks here and there. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 7:

SDR Perks and Patches
Omod installer
.ini User Guide.pdf

Series 6

First version release: 6.0.0 - May 30, 2013
Last version release: 6.2.3 - June 22, 2013

This series expanded and improved upon the Detect Life shader options, how Detect Life impacts the detection formula, made a system-wide attempt an improving performance, rewrote the detection formula, and had numerous other tweaks and fixes. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 6:

File Changes
Detection Formula Changes:
Game settings
New Detect Life Features:
NPC/Player Token Changes:
Transparency Calculations:
New spells
SDR Core.ini file
Alternate Sneak Skill up system
Assassination Skill up system
Auto-Night Eye
Miscellaneous Changes:
Mod Compatibility

Series 5

First version release: 5.0.0 - December 20, 2012
Last version release: 5.0.1 - December 22, 2012

This series was short lived, but added some new features and made enough changes to justify a new series number. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 5:

Changes to SDR Core.esp
Changes to SDR Perks And Patches.esp
Changes to SDR Thieves Arsenal Patch.esp.
Changes to SDR_obse.dll plugin.
Changes to requirements.

Series 4

First version release: 4.0.0 - November 26, 2011
Last version release: 4.5.5 - June 6, 2012

This series had some major changes. It renamed the main .esp from "Sneaking Detection Recalibrated" to "SDR_Core", made it masterless and created separate Perks and Patches.esps for Oblivion/Nehrim. It also introduced new actor values and thus the need for the Add Actor Values OBSE plug-in. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 4:

General updates:
Perks And Patches.esps - OB = Oblivion, NH = Nehrim
New Requirements
.ini Settings
Mod Compatibility
Website & Documentation

Series 3

First version release: 3.0.0 - October 13, 2011
Last version release: 3.1.0 - October 23, 2011

This series was the first really big jump in overall design, introducing a custom OBSE SDR.dll plugin that completely replaced Oblivion's default detection formula. In addition, this dedicated website was created for support. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 3:

Revised Infrastructure:
Revised Effects Of Invisibility / Chameleon
Expanded / Revised Movement
Sight / Sound / Skill Factor Changes
Other Detection Formula Changes:
Player Token Immersion Features
NPC Token Immersion Features
Assassination Skillups
Mod Compatibility

Series 2

First version release: 2.0.0 - May 25, 2011
Last version release: 2.0.6 - August 1, 2011

This series made major changes that affected detection. It also introduced new peripheral vision optios, Chameleon refraction/alpha replacement, Sneaking transparency for NPCs, and sneak movement rates. Following is a summary of all the new features/changes in series 2:

General Changes
Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
Hardcore Settings
Debug Settings

Series 1

First version release: 1.0.0 - March 1, 2011
Last version release: 1.0.4 - April 4, 2011

This is the series that started it all. A major experiment in re-defining how detection works, sneaking, and how the player interacts with other NPCs. Unfortunately the original feature list is long gone, so all that is available are the changes made after the initial release:

General Changes
Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
Hardcore Settings
Major changes to how torches/light spells work in regards to detection.
New Hardcore Extended - AV Uncapper optional settings added:
Debug Settings